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Welcome to Peach State Auto Auction, Inc. Thank you for choosing us for your car buying needs. Auctions are a high paced and energetic environment that can be a bit confusing at first, but hopefully we can put you at ease with the process.

The pages contained in this site can answer most questions you may have regarding an auto auction, along with some particulars outlined here, you should be buying like the pros do in little or no time.

Auto Auctions offer more variety in models, years, makes, colors and options than traditional used car lots. Also pricing can be very advantageous at auto auctions, most vehicles are sold below normal or suggested retail pricing.

Peach State Auto Auction, Inc. offers everything a used car store can offer in addition to the variety and pricing mentioned above. Buy and test drives, and certified units and our preview process only add to the worry-free buying experience here at PSAA, Inc.

The Auction Process begins with you the buyer. The most informed buyer makes the best purchase decision. Do your homework on the type of car you wish to purchase. With all your background work behind you we highly recommend that you preview the vehicle you plan to purchase before the auction begins.

Once the Auction begins the cars you have identified during the preview process will have their time on the auction block. Once the car is up for auction, bids will be accepted from the potential buyers on the floor. This is where you make your offer to the auctioneer and bid against others interested in that car.

A Ring Man, a person who takes the bid on the floor, will assist you in your attempt to win the bid on that particular car. Now is not the time to be timid, you’ve done your homework, checked the vehicle out during the preview process, checked what pricing should be on Kelly Blue Book or by some other pricing guide, so be aggressive and win the bid on your next vehicle.

It’s really that simple! Once the auctioneer says sold, you have just purchased your next vehicle. Just proceed to the auction block, sign your bill of sale, put down the $500.00 deposit and proceed to check out. All the necessary paperwork will be given to you upon full payment.

You will be driving home from the auction in your new car while saving money in the process. Our friendly and experienced staff can assist you throughout the process. Do not hesitate to ask any one of us questions regarding the Auction Process, we are happy to assist you in your next vehicle purchase.

A quick recap:
  • Do your homework; Kelly Blue Book, NADA and AutoCheck are a good source of vehicle information

  • Preview vehicles you identified that you wish to purchase (Preview Begins at 4PM on Auction nights)

  • See what may be available for purchase with a particular vehicle; A “green light” purchase?, is it a “PSAA Certified Unit? ( all of these will be identified on the vehicle itself during the preview process)

  • Make a note of the “run number” and prepare for the vehicle's time on the Auction Block

  • Identify the Ring Man and have him assist you in your bidding

  • Win the bid!! And buy your next vehicle

  • Sign the Bill of Sale and put the $500.00 deposit down

  • Proceed to check out and complete payment on your vehicle

  • Take your paperwork and drive out in your new car

  • Enjoy all the time and money you saved by purchasing like the pros do at Peach State Auto Auction, Inc.
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2970 Highway 78 SW
Loganville, GA 30052